I am wondering if things are far worse than you say? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

I am wondering if things are far worse than you say?

They are far worse on points I have never mentioned before. That being the spirit and soul of the general population. You, me, and all the rest. We have been barraged by 10,000 sound bites a day for decades to be masterfully and psychologically conditioned to chase after things of no real importance as being important; ignore the things of real importance of true spirit and soul to stop the totalitarian ones; and to be submissive into accepting the theft of our wealth - families - spirit and soul. Done as millions are killed worldwide at our countries direction for profit; as corporate government systems are expanded for further conquest and control; and done as the sound bites or intentionally contrived distractions blend the whole mix to where there is no real difference between the flashes presented of - 1.5 million killed (executed) so far in Iraq = buy your Chevy Tahoe and cruse the high country = Dances With The Stars, Kim is the new hopeful.