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Suu Kyi ‘likely to be jailed for years’

Ms Suu Kyi faces five years in prison if she is convicted of the charges that she broke the conditions of her current house arrest by allowing an uninvited visitor, a US citizen named John Yettaw, who swam across a lake to her back door this month, to stay and gave him food and drink. “I am not guilty because I have not committed any crime,” Ms Suu Kyi told the court on Friday, according to her lawyer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This so looks like a setup on the part of the Myanmar government to keep her in prison for what could be the rest of her life that it stinks to high heaven.

The international community can only do so much; ultimately, it will have to be the Myanmar people who must have the final say about the outcome here.

Political and military oppression can only work for so long before there's a backlash, if there are no real improvements in the lives of a country's citizenry.