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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Accepts GOP Nomination

SHANNYN MOORE: You know, I don’t live at their house. Certainly, I can tell you that in small-town Alaska, rumors abound. And this isn’t any other case from that. And I know people in the media in Alaska who have known of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy for, you know, over a month and didn’t bring it into the press, because they didn’t think it was any of their business. And certainly there have been rumors abounding regarding Trig and his—whether it was a decision or avoidance of some sort of “how to get out of trouble” card. You know, I don’t have anything to verify that, but that’s certainly the small-town rumor that’s gone about.

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Remember back when we were discussing Sarah pretending that Trog was her baby, and I suggested that the only motive for such a deception was to protect the real father. Then they announce that Bristol is pregnant NOW, which proves they were not concerned with protecting her.

So, if I read Shannon's comments correctly, local Alaska rumor indicates there may still be a much darker secret in all this.