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Katrina victims to be evicted — again

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has decided to enforce a June 1 date — originally established by the Bush administration — for the eviction of several thousand victims of Hurricane Katrina who are still living in temporary trailers after nearly four years.

In a Friday press release, the US Human Rights Network stated that this decision “not only lacks basic compassion but is also a derogation of the government’s responsibilities to uphold fundamental human rights.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FEMA just wants these people, whose lives got destroyed by this hurricane, and then by the unmitigated bungling of relocation and rebuilding plans to just vanish, go away, and never come back.

The problem is, with all that has happened to them these people have no where to go to. Many are as the article states, ".....are among the Gulf Coast’s most vulnerable residents — the poor, the ill and the elderly,”

The Federal government response to Katrina is the reason why many people are now stocking up on staples (and firearms) because the lesson of Katrina was, if you don't already have a lot of money, the government isn't all that interested in helping you survive.