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Vet's family still seeks compensation for illness that killed him

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs rejected one claim Bumpus filed seeking compensation for his illness. But on Friday, a VA official told The Bee the agency will revisit the case and see whether Bumpus' widow, Lisa, and their two sons are eligible for assistance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's just swell, isn't it, how the VA treats vets who have been exposed to depleted uranium, watches them die while the VA denies exposure to depleted uranium caused their death, then send their families through a slow,excruciating compensation process for benefits!!

I want these vets, and all vets, to get precisely the same level of medical care "Dead-eye Dick" Cheney gets. They actually deserve it.

Of course, if the denials of the terrible consequences to exposure to Agent Orange is any indicator, real, meaningful treatment and compensation for depleted uranium exposure will never happen.

To this administration, as it was to the administrations who threw troops into the meat-ginder which was Viet Nam, these soldiers - and their families - are simply.... expendable.

And if you, or any family or friends have young people who are thinking about enlisting in the US military right now; please make sure they read this article.