Rpbertson Advocates Israel Striking Iran Before the 2008 Election | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Rpbertson Advocates Israel Striking Iran Before the 2008 Election

On yesterday’s edition of The 700 Club, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson sharply criticized the “moderate tone” the Bush administration has allegedly taken toward Iran and its nuclear weapons program. Robertson advocated that Israel look out for the “survival of its nation” and “make some kind of a strike” against Iranian nuclear facilities. He also predicted that it will likely happen before the 2008 elections:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could you possibly be shilling any harder for Israel, Pat?!?

Israel can certainly start the conflict,they can't finish it without US firepower. That means American kids are going to die to in yet another "neutralization" of one of Israel's neighbors it considers an existential threat.

Iran is, as it has a right to do as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, enriching uranium to the 3 % level necessary for a power station.

To be building a nuclear weapon, they would have to be enriching at 98%, which is just not happening.

The IAEA has found absolutely not one shred of evidence indicating that Iran has a weapons program going at this time.

Oh, and one other thing, Pat: Russia's geopolitical and financial interests in Iran are very extensive. What will Russia do to protect those interests??

Or are you just so desperate for your "Armageddon" you believe this attack will start, that you can barely wait for the first bombs to fall??