London Times Censors Mass Opposition to Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

London Times Censors Mass Opposition to Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine

The London Times newspaper has apparently censored scores of comments on its own website that expressed vehement opposition to plans by the UK government to implement a mandatory vaccination program for swine flu.

As of today however, the original London Times article that featured the comments (Swine flu vaccine rushed through safety checks) has been completely wiped clean, and the scores of comments expressing refusal to comply with any potential mandatory vaccination program have been sent down the memory hole.

A reader e mailed us to notify us that the comments had all been deleted.

“I revisited the article entitled “Swine flu vaccine rushed through safety checks” on the times website, to see if, as I had a suspicion, the comments would be censored as they were predominantly decrying the vaccine,” he writes.

“Lo and behold, they have all disappeared, and furthermore I noticed the commenting system is now setup so you must register to comment, whereas before it was open to anyone who simply supplied an email address. No doubt this is to discourage anonymous posts, however the registration does of course allow you to type a false name.”

“Having suspected this censorship would happen, I saved the web page with the comments in, and I have listed them below. I can supply the webpage as a zip if requested.”