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Want Treatment? Just Sign This No-Complaint Contract

Until recently, patients whose doctors kept them waiting for hours without explanation, brushed off their questions or seemed downright incompetent had little recourse, other than complaining to family, friends or, in egregious cases, the state medical board. That was before the Internet gave everyone with an e-mail address the ability to reach a vastly wider audience by posting -- often anonymously -- critiques of doctors, in much the same way travelers rate hotels on such Web sites as TripAdvisor.

As a defensive measure, some physicians are requiring patients to sign broad agreements that prohibit online postings or commentary in any media outlet "without prior written consent."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The first time a medical staff member required I sign something like this, I'd be walking out of that office in an Olympic-paced sprint.

And if there are problems, websites like this give the not so great doctors incentive to clean up their act.

Having graduated from medical school and been a resident doctor does not give any MD the license to be a bad physician!