Senate Votes for ‘Temporary’ Army Increase of 30,000 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Senate Votes for ‘Temporary’ Army Increase of 30,000

The vote appears to be little more than a rubber stamp approving an announcement by Defense Secretary Robert Gates about his intention to increase the military by at least 22,000.

However this bill makes no provision for funding the increase, but rather will leave the Obama Administration facing yet another “emergency funding” bill, like the one they fought through earlier this year. During the campaign President Obama condemned the Bush Administration for using emergency funding to pay for the wars, and promised after submitting the previous one that it would be their last.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, to begin with, this government can't pay for an increase in its military.

What happens if, all efforts put through on retention and recruitment fail, and they wind up with no where near the numbers Sec Def Gates has indicated he needs?

Anyone feel a draft?