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'Hitler' gnome acquitted

A visitor to the gallery objected and lodged a complaint that Hoerl had violated German laws prohibiting the reproduction of Nazi symbols or slogans. News of the "Nazi gnome" promptly went around the world.

The prosecutors in Nuremberg said they would not put Hoerl on trial because he was obviously mocking the Nazis, not honouring them, and had made the gnomes as art. Gnomes used to be popular as garden decorations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the problems with these "visitors" is that they forget that they ARE just visitors and being allowed through the front door does not grant a right to decide for everyone else present what they should and should not see.

I had the same problem with my first mother-in-law, who would come over to visit my first wife and I then proceed to lecture us about how the place would look so much better with this or that artsy item placed just so and how certain items from my family really ought to go, etc. I finally told her to her face that she was a guest in my home, a welcome guest, but still a guest and that decisions on decor were reserved to my wife and myself. From the look of outrage on the mother-in-law's face you would have thought I just relieved myself on her coat; she was THAT sure that it was her right to go into other peoples' homes and offer her recommendations on how things should be. I guess that was part of that unshakable sense of entitlement and superiority that she was raised with.