US Senate votes to interfere in Iran affairs | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Senate votes to interfere in Iran affairs

In another sign of interference in the internal affairs of Iran, the US Senate has ratified a plan to curb what it calls "censorship" in the Islamic Republic.

According to the legislation, the US government will spend $30 million to expand activities of Radio Free Europe's Persian-language radio broadcasts into Iran.

Washington will also take measures to counter Tehran's "efforts to block, censor, or monitor the Internet in Iran" with another $20 million, the ratification said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

50 million of our taxpayer dollars, while homeless Vets are sleeping in our streets?!?

Memo to the Senate, because you have all obviously forgotten: your job is taking care of the American people, first, second, and third, period, end of discussion.

This country is broke, with a crumbling infrastructure, education an absolute disgrace, and you're ready to spend 50 million of our very hard earned tax payer dollars on .....WHAT?!?!?!?!?