Free Gaza needs your help to prepare next mission to Gaza | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Free Gaza needs your help to prepare next mission to Gaza

Due to Israel's hijacking of our boat, the Spirit of Humanity last month, we have had to change our plans. No, we are not backing down. Now, more than ever, we believe it's critical to continue these missions, and demonstrate the power of the international civilian community to stand up to cruelty, human rights abuses, and oppression. If we let Israel's attack on our last mission stop us, we will be giving in to the violence that is perpetrated 100-fold against the occupied Palestinian people. The risks that we take by getting on these boats are nothing compared to the existential threats that Palestinians face every day of their lives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These people's heroic, humanitarian missions to Gaza come at enormous risk.

Let us make sure that the Israeli government knows precisely that any attempt to arrest, hurt, or menace these people comes at a high catastrophic PR blunder cost, and in this context, Israel cannot possibly present itself as the victim here.

The Free Gaza Movement deserves any and all support and public attention possible for their work.