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US in diplomatic push for Mideast peace

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates heads to the Middle East on Sunday as part of a broader diplomatic push by President Barack Obama to breath life into faltering peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, US officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to SecDef Gates: what Israel wants is not peace, but territory... by any means necessary.

The other thing they are going to demand of you in this next round of meetings is a commitment to "neutralize" Iran for them, as they claim that this country is an existential threat to their existence.

Never mind, of course, that the IAEA has stated repeatedly that their inspections show no diversions of nuclear materials from the building of their power plant. Never mind that there is absolutely zero evidence that Iran is enriching uranium to the level to which it needs to be enriched in order to create a nuclear weapon.

You will be given your marching orders at this next meeting, SecDef Gates, and Israel will fully expect American kids to fight, die, and get maimed in this war, and for the American taxpayers to pay for all of it without protest.

And of course, never mind that Russian leaders have warned that such a military confrontation could start World War III.