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US: Parade of officials to caution Israel

The Obama administration is dispatching four of its most senior foreign policy and security figures to Israel this coming week with the same message on two open questions causing friction between the close allies: Don't do it.

Taking a firmer line with Israel than the Bush administration, President Barack Obama is urging Israel to stop all settlement construction in the West Bank or risk closing off the most promising avenues for peace negotiations.

Washington also wants Israel to shelve any plan for a military strike to sabotage Iran's nuclear facilities, arguing that Obama's offer of engagement and talks with Iran deserves time to bear fruit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama: sir, Netanyahu's government keeps spitting in your face and telling you it's raining on the settlement issue.

And you just told the world right out loud on Friday, that you will not use the one bargaining chip this Israeli administration would understand, and that would be the immediate cessation of all US military and financial aid.

Israel's response regarding settlements, coupled with that statement on Friday, has made you look catastrophically impotent to Palestinians and Arabs of all stripes because this telegraphs to them that you have completely lost your integrity as a potential honest broker for peace.

And as to Iran, watch for Israel to most probably stage some kind of a "false flag" to get that going well and truly before the end of the year.

They will expect American taxpayers to fund this, and for American kids to fight, die, and get maimed in the process of "neutralizing" yet another one of their existential enemies in the region (and that seems to include all of their neighbors!)

The Israelis are experts at this. As any of your staff to google the "USS LIBERTY", and you will see, very clearly, what I mean.