Gates, in Visit to Israel, Will Find Iran Looming | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Gates, in Visit to Israel, Will Find Iran Looming

The official, who was briefing reporters in advance of Mr. Gates’s trip, acknowledged that the Israelis did not think the diplomacy would work and that they were losing patience. “Are they anxious?” the official said. “Yes, they’re anxious. But we’re not having regular conversations where they’re coming in and saying, ‘Stop your engagement now, bomb Iran tomorrow.’ ”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of the many articles we're seeing lately, the intention of which is to "groom" the American public for an Israeli-led/ US supported attack on Iran.

However, there is one minor problem with the "bomb bomb bomb...bomb bomb Iran" scenario.

It is the the 6,000 lb gorilla, sitting on the Steinway, and one which should be acknowledged by any thinking adults (if there are any) in the halls of power in Tel Aviv and Washington.

That 6,000 lb gorilla is Russia. Russian leadership has already stated very flatly that there are no inducements the US can offer it to turn a blind eye against an attack against Iran. Russian leadership has already stated unequivocally that an attack against Iran will lead to WWIII.

Does the US really want to go to war with Russia to "neutralize" Iran for Israel?

I'd like to hope not.

But there are some in the halls of power who believe that only another massive military confrontation can possibly deflect the anger of Americans against this government for having bungled the economy so spectacularly, and also jump-start the economy.