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U.S. envoy sees progress with Israel on peace push

U.S. envoy George Mitchell and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not agree on a Jewish settlement freeze in talks on Tuesday but said negotiations were advancing.

"We are making progress," Netanyahu told Israel army radio.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "progress" characterized by Netanyahu has nothing to do with settlements; he and the Knesset have already spit in Obama's face and told him it's raining.

Obama has made it clear that he will not use the one bargaining chip he has in this instance, which is the complete and immediate cessation of all military and financial aid to Israel.

The only "progress" Netanyahu can be describing is that of having given George Mitchell his marching orders regarding a military strike against Iran, probably before the end of this year, and after the first session of the United Nations in September.

One has to wonder who will do the "Colin Powell" role of spewing the projectile-vomit spray of lies against Iran during those opening sessions of the UN.