Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home

Almost all those soldiers were kids, too young to buy a beer, when they volunteered for one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Almost none had serious criminal backgrounds. Many were awarded medals for good conduct.

Slaughter became a part of life. Soldiers in body armor went back for round after round of battle that would have killed warriors a generation ago. Discipline deteriorated. Soldiers say the torture and killing of Iraqi civilians lurked in the ranks. And when these soldiers came home to Colorado Springs suffering the emotional wounds of combat, soldiers say, some were ignored, some were neglected, some were thrown away and some were punished.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All Vets who have seen combat should have an assessment when they come home, and the top military brass should never shame these people for what they have endured in battle, and the effects that combat has had on them.

These Vets should be receiving the best medical and psychiatric care possible during their tour of duty, and when they come back home: this country owes them that for having sent them into harm's way based on a pack of lies.