CIA Planes hidden in Cayman Islands Trust | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

CIA Planes hidden in Cayman Islands Trust

The busted drug flight followed two weeks after a twin-engine Piper Navajo (N6463L) was involved in a fiery plane crash near Caracas that made international headlines.

The plane was on its way to the Caribbean island of Curacao when the pilot radioed the tower, just 13 minutes after takeoff, saying he was experiencing engine failure in both engines, and was turning around and heading back to the international airport at Maiquetía.

The plane never made it back. Instead, it crashed atop the six-story roof of an apartment building near Caracas, several miles short of the airport.

The crash killed five people on the ground, as well as three men onboard, including passenger Alfredo Anzola, a 34-year old software engineer and a founder of Smartmatic. Anzola's election code is embedded in thousands of electronic voting machines across America, through the company’s former subsidiary, Sequoia Pacific, a company with a rap sheet as long as a Gambino foot soldier.

Sequoia was also the election company largely responsible for the Florida vote snafu after the 2000 Presidential election.

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Forget mom, the flag, and apple pie, the "American Way" is torture, drugs, and election fraud!