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Illegal Organ Trafficking

This is a telephone interview from 7/24/09 that was done with Anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes where she talks about how she blew the whistle on Brooklyn's organ bazaar.

There are a couple of interesting Jewish call-ins. If I got the gist of it correct, it seems there are issues with Jews wanting to buy organs because many don't believe in desecrating bodies after death so they won't use donated organs from those who die. One lady's attitude was "Why should I put this burden on my family if I can buy the kidney instead?"
It also appears there are some hospitals that don't mind doing surgery on these possibly unwilling "donors".

Via NPR out of NYC. It's about 38 mins long and well worth listening to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nancy Scheper-Hughes is the woman who told the FBI a year ago that Rosenbaum was trafficking in black-market human organs.

The FBI did nothing about it.