Jesse Ventura Educates Naive "Reporters" re 911 Building Demos | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Jesse Ventura Educates Naive "Reporters" re 911 Building Demos

I am starting to get used to this without becoming angry. Multiple gullible, naive, and incurious "reporters" ask Jesse Ventura why he has questions about the official government fairytale explanation for the collapse of WTC 1, 2, and 7 on 911. He reminds them repeatedly that they are the ones that are supposed to be asking questions. "Why am I doing your job?" he asks them. Why indeed? As usual the callow "reporters" have an answer that matches what their government told them for every inconsistency or physical impossibility Jesse Ventura points out in the official rubber-stamped report . Perhaps if the "reporters" had taken time away from their TV sets to research the questions Jesse elucidates they would share his skepticism. Instead, we have the usual gaggle of uninformed and credulous parrots wondering aloud what in the world Jesse is talking about.