Abbas Launches First Fatah Conference In Decades | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Abbas Launches First Fatah Conference In Decades

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas launched his Fatah movement's first conference in two decades Tuesday with a call for his people to limit their resistance to Israel to marches and protests and not to abandon peace talks despite years of setbacks.

Yet the three-day gathering opened in disarray, with some 400 Gaza delegates unable to attend because of an increasingly acrimonious standoff between Abbas and Hamas. The Islamic militants, who wrested control of Gaza from Abbas in 2007, prevented Fatah delegates from leaving the territory for the conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Hamas and Fatah; unless and until you can find reconciliation and a unified voice with which to speak to the Israeli government, there will be no Palestinian state, or - if it does get founded - it will not be much larger than a postage stamp!