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‘Obama to be remembered as someone who betrayed his supporters’

President Obama has turned out to be another failed big government president, who put America into a new war, spied on its own citizens, and made a disastrous health care reform, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party Carla Howell told RT.

RT: The US strikes on ISIS have already cost it around $780-930 million, which is not pleasant news for the American taxpayers but makes a profit for the industries involved. Does President Obama even know about discontent among his citizens?

Carla Howell: I’m sure he is fully informed; he has got an enormous staff to keep him informed of what is going on. Clearly, what he is trying to do is take credit for ending the war in Iraq, and yet at the same time he is beholden to the military industrial complex in America, their special interests, that want more military funding regardless of whether our Generals even want it or not. So he is trying to walk that line.

RT: Why Obama, who at the beginning presented himself as a man determined to peace, decided to muddle America into another war? Is it because of the warmongers in Congress who put pressure on him?

CH: He is under attack not just from the hawkish politicians, by the hawkish media, including the national public broadcasting system in America which is pretty much making excuses, it criticizes him by making excuses, rallying behind the idea of more intervention. They have been publicizing the beheadings and taking polls, driving up people’s interest in taking action, but the questions in the polls are so biased. We don’t know what people really want. I think it’s fair to say that people in this country are extremely war-weary; they want us to get out and stay out of the Middle East. This is what the Libertarian party is advocating, what our candidates are offering, many of whom are running for the Senate in key races, they threaten control of the Senate. So we are getting a lot of attention on this relatively. But the media is bolstering him and helping Obama to get away with advancing into yet another war and into Syria, while people were clearly opposed to that in this country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This President has been an epic fail on everything in which he has intervened.

On immigration; wars in the Middle East; Obamacare; Ebolagate; IRSgate, APgate, and NSAgate, he continues to to undercut working Americans, and makes life worse for most American people.

But you have to understand that such behaviour is completely predictable for a man beholden to the large corporations (including the banks) which have funded the election cycles in which he was (allegedly) elected and re-elected.

Large corporations love illegal immigration, because it cuts the cost of doing business; large corporations love wars, because wars mean profit, for so many companies; and large pharmaceutical corporations love illness, because treatments - rather than cures - are far more profitable.

His faux populism is just an act, and not a terribly convincing act at that; no more, no less.

At the end of the day, this man is a slave to all those who put him in power for one reason, and one reason only; profit.

And he has, and continues, to deliver that for them.