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Hello America, It's Me, Colorado

Amendment 67 is what's also known as "Personhood".
Personhood, if you've never heard of it before, is the movement to give fertilized eggs all the same rights as people -- two cells would have the same rights as you or your best friend. The group behind this movement, Personhood USA, is based right here in Denver. Every couple of years they try and write their fertilized egg = person ideas into my Constitution. The last couple of times most Coloradans have voted "NO" on these amendments and they've failed. But this year things are different.

This year, the Personhood USA folks are more deceptive.They've disguised "personhood" as something else. This year, they say they simply want to "protect pregnant women." Which is why when people read the language on their ballots, they think it sounds like a good idea. But it's not.
Here's what Amendment 67 would really do:

Outlaw all abortion in Colorado, even in cases of rape and incest.
Ban some of the most common and effective forms of birth control, including the Pill and IUDs.
Make it illegal for a pregnant women with cancer to choose treatment that could save her life.
Restrict options for women wanting in vitro fertilization.
Any birth that isn't a live-birth -- so miscarriages and still births -- could be deemed suspicious deaths and would be investigated by police.