2nd person in U.S. tests positive for Ebola | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

2nd person in U.S. tests positive for Ebola

The nurse was involved in Duncan's second visit to the hospital, when he was admitted for treatment, and was wearing protective gear as prescribed by the CDC: gown, gloves, mask and shield, Varga said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so the CDC's recommended protection doesn't work, based on the CDC's continued insistence that Ebola is only passed by direct contact with an infected person. The WHO, past experience (such as Reston), and USAMRIID all strongly suggest Ebola is transmissible by air in aerosolized secretions, and handle Ebola as a BSL4 hot agent, meaning totally enclosed plastic suits with isolated air supplies and full decontamination of everyone leaving the hot zone before being allowed into the outside world.

It is time for the government to start treating Ebola as a real problem, and not just an inconvenience for the coming holiday shopping season. It is time to stop spending billions of dollars murdering Muslims and propping up Israel and start spending the taxpayer's money on the proper equipment for hospitals and communities to deal with this issue properly.

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