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BEX ALERT - CDC: Protocol breach in treating Ebola patient

Top federal health officials said Sunday that the Ebola diagnosis in a health care worker who treated Thomas Eric Duncan at a Texas hospital clearly indicates a breach in safety protocol.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that they have no evidence of a protocol breach. Dr. Tom Frieden is taking the position that the CDC's protocols, based on contact-only infection, are perfect, and that therefore if this nurse has Ebola, then it MUST be something she did wrong!

Talk about blaming the victim!

Frieden is thinking like a politician, not a scientist. Especially in the wake of the revelation that CDC rigged its own 2004 study on vaccines and autism, he does not want to admit that CDC's declaration that Ebola is spread only by direct contact is wrong, and that the protocols established on that assumption are inadequate for aerosol and surface infections. The WHO, Canadian Health Service, and historical precedent strongly support Ebola transmission via aerosolized secretions and contaminated surfaces, for which the recommended CDC safeguards are not adequate. Frieden wants all the coming Ebola funding to go to CDC. So Frieden will continue to promote the claim that Ebola is only transmitted by direct contact, that CDC's protocols will work, and that any resulting infections have to be the patient's fault.