Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11

In the interview, Sibel says that the US maintained ‘intimate relations’ with Bin Laden, and the Taliban, “all the way until that day of September 11.”

These ‘intimate relations’ included using Bin Laden for ‘operations’ in Central Asia, including Xinjiang, China. These ‘operations’ involved using al Qaeda and the Taliban in the same manner “as we did during the Afghan and Soviet conflict,” that is, fighting ‘enemies’ via proxies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As previously reported, Bin Laden was met in July 2001 at the American hospital at Dubaï by CIA.

Already quite ill (Osama would die before the end of the year), Osama became the perfect person to play the greatest villain of all time; a face to attach to a false-flag attack in New York, then to be the supervillain nobody could ever find and arrest.

So, who really did 9-11? Here is a clue.