West Re-Arms Nusra - Mainstream Media Continues Coverup | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

West Re-Arms Nusra - Mainstream Media Continues Coverup

On a number of occasions, I have documented in relative detail how ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and the FSA are not only small divisions of the same fighting force but also how they are entirely controlled by NATO and Western intelligence agencies. Indeed, the documentation of these relationships is so plentiful as to preclude any attempt to collect even a substantial portion of it in one place. Yet, only in the bits of dribble provided by mainstream media outlets is there the pretense that the above-listed terrorist organizations are anything but NATO’s and the CIA’s Arab legion.

The mainstream coverup artists known as the media in the Western world have thus done their part to obfuscate the Western arming, training, and directing of the death squads currently assaulting the Syrian people. Carefully crafted narratives, half truths, and outright lies have been provided in order to prevent the American people from coming to the realization that it is their own government that is arming the very terrorists it claims Americans must sacrifice their rights to be protected against.