Israel’s worst enemy is Netanyahu | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel’s worst enemy is Netanyahu

Netanyahu has a siege mentality. He has lived his life in survival mode premised on Jews as eternal victims, which is why in almost all of his major speeches he refers to the Holocaust. Israel is a nuclear-armed country with the most powerful army in the region and is under the protection of the superpower. His attempts to paint Jews as victims are cynical; they are nothing more than a pretext to perpetuate Israel’s brutal occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem citing the Palestinians as an existential threat.

But like the wind in the fable, the more that Israel uses its might to subdue a people under occupation, the harder they fight for freedom. Treat them with respect, permit them to live independently in their own state without military checkpoints, hostile colonists and perpetual fear that their homes and orchards could be expropriated, a peaceful radiance would illuminate the entire region. This is common sense, not rocket science, but, unfortunately, a warhorse like Netanyahu is more comfortable with aggression than reconciliation, more used to managing the status quo than taking a chance on peace.