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US Slaps Venezuelans with New Sanctions

The United States officially imposed new sanctions on Venezuela Monday, amid accusations from President Nicolas Maduro that Washington is trying to destabilize his country.

The new sanctions expand the number of Venezuelan government officials barred from entering the United States.

He asked, “What human rights are they talking about?”

The new U.S. sanctions are in response to a wave of unrest that hit Venezuela in early 2014. Around 43 people died as anti-government groups took to the streets with weapons ranging from firearms to molotov cocktails and home-made bazookas to demand Maduro step down. According to an analysis of the death toll by independent media collective Venezuelanalysis, around half the casualties were government supporters, state security personnel or ordinary members of the public likely killed by anti-government groups. Venezuelan authorities have arrested opposition figures it claims masterminded the violence including Leopoldo Lopez, while also pressing charges against security personnel accused of misconduct.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...A wave of unrest that hit Venezuela in early 2014." ?!?!?!?

The timing of such sanctions seems to be off by a country mile.

I would suggest that the US thinks that the timing may be right for another "color revolution" in Venezuela.