Can another world war be avoided? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Can another world war be avoided?

Is there anything ordinary civilians can do to avoid war? What power or influence does the average citizen of a modern "Western democracy" really have?

At a time when US President Obama, (you know, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize), is doing everything he can to bring about a war with Russia, can he still be stopped? Is there any chance of bringing the Obama regime to reason? Would Obama listen? Would the other intellectually challenged members of his entourage, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, John Kerry, the bosses of the espionage services and the Pentagon, would they listen? Is there any way such people can be reached by ordinary citizens? What about the US client states in Europe that so far have been meekly following the bosses in Washington? What about Hollande the midget, Merkel the closet storm trooper, Cameron the poodle, Renzi the parachutist, not to speak of EU "president" Tusk the lackey? (Especially do not trust Poles in high stake international politics, just look at Wojtyla, Brzezinski and their illustrious forebears such as Colonel Beck and Marshal Smygly Rydz.)

The Obama regime wants war with Russia and has embarked on a course of provocation and intimidation. So far, it is only thanks to the wisdom and restraint of President Putin that there is still peace.