We'll all be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

We'll all be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan.

You’ve noticed the recent appearance of major shitheads like Tom Brokaw; Rudolph, the brown-nosed, Giuliani and a host of other lying sacks of shit are going nova about the blogs corrupting the minds of the public with information concerning the government’s role in the 9/11 attacks and making the official line look like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

You’ve noted the cries for legislation against truth tellers and the association of truth tellers with terrorists and you’ve seen the damning evidence of nano-thermite at all ground zero locations, which proves once and for all that the government and their exploding shit-golem front men are just what they are; road apples for the cosmic fans of history.

You’ve noticed the relentless and sustained attacks against What Really Happened and The Truthseeker which have put them off the air for the last several days and which are being orchestrated by American and Israeli intelligence cyber-hit squads. When they get this dead earnest, it is an indication that a shitnami is on the way.