Scientific Facts on 9/11 Point at US | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scientific Facts on 9/11 Point at US

Sane, educated people with a modicum of scientific education and experience know that (1) steel and concrete skyscrapers don't turn to shattered steel, molten metal and fine powder in 10 seconds after localized, relatively low temperature fires and (2) trainee pilots trained on light aircraft for several weeks can't land a passenger jet on a dime (i.e. on the ground floor of the Pentagon) after allegedly slicing through half a dozen light poles and evading umpteen other obstacles on the landing strip (trees, cars, overpasses etc).

However, the ignorance, gullibility and stupidity of the American people as a whole has no bounds – thus a 2004 CBS News Poll of Americans established that 67% believe that God created humans in their present form; 27% believe that Humans evolved but God guided the process; a mere 6% believe that humans evolved and God did not guide the process; 71% want creationism taught as well as evolution in schools; and 37% want creationism to replace any teaching of evolution in schools [i.e. flagrant intellectual child abuse](see CBS News, “Poll: Creationism trumps Evolution. Most Americans do not believe human beings evolved”, 22 November 2004: .