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Editorial: Troubling developments in India-Pak relations

India’s defence minister, Mr AK Antony, has accused Pakistan of backing the terrorists who have recently bombed the cities of India. Pakistan has already accused India of funding terrorists and insurgents in Balochistan and FATA. India has just started making noises about Pakistan fishing again in the troubled waters of Kashmir. Pakistan accuses India, similarly, of turning off the Chenab waters that belong to Pakistan under a treaty arrangement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Neither the Indians nor the Pakistanis gain any benefit from increased tensions.

Particularly for the Pakistanis, this is a distraction from the very real and pressing internal problems they are facing, including their economy, unrest, and massive governmental corruption.

However, the timing of this is a distraction may may well be a not too subtle message from the US and NATO: tolerate the border attacks we are doing inside Pakistan's sovereign territory, and make the appropriate outraged noises to your people, or things may get very much worse.