Venezuela Begins Liquidating Its Gold | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Venezuela Begins Liquidating Its Gold

Yesterday we reported that in retaliation to the latest Obama executive order which declared Venezuela a national security threat and ordered sanctions against seven officials, Maduro promptly took advantage of this "outside threat" to rally his toilet paper-starved population "around the flag", and while pointing at the "evil imperialist" Obama, granted himself even greater authoritarian powers: "I have put together a special law that gives me special powers to preserve the peace, the integrity and the sovereignty of the country before any situation that presents itself due to this imperialist aggression."

Bloomberg further quoted Maduro as saying that the "special decree powers will help defend Venezuela democracy, freedoms", that "the U.S. using human rights issues to justify invasion of Venezuela, planning trade blockade", and that Maduro will "lead a special defensive military exercise on March 14." Because nothing screams democracy like going "peak dictator" and launching a military exercise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember the big stink when Venezuela demanded their gold back? Now, courtesy of the oil price war, the bankers are simply buying it all back!