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5 Clues Hidden in Computer Files That Can Get You Busted

Which brings us to Merck & Co., the pharmaceutical company most famous for the arthritis medication Vioxx, which was pulled from the market after it was revealed that long term use of the drug caused heart attacks (even if it still worked really well on the whole). Merck was swiftly flooded with almost 7,000 lawsuits after the recall, but in their defense, it's not like anyone knew Vioxx would kill people.

Actually, Merck had specifically known that exact thing for years. And the bizarre thing is, they almost told everyone about it, but changed their minds at the last minute and then poorly covered up their tracks. Thanks, again, to their Word document's revision history.

Five years before Vioxx got recalled, Merck had run a clinical study of the drug in The New England Journal of Medicine. After Vioxx was pulled, the editors of The New England Journal went back to the original file of the study Merck had sent to them and checked the editing history. Sure enough, they discovered a table that had been deleted from the study two days before Merck submitted the final draft -- a table called "Cardiovascular Events."