Twenty-six water districts in California to begin rationing water | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Twenty-six water districts in California to begin rationing water

As 26 water districts begin to ration imported water, the Nestle Corporation is busy extracting spring water 85 miles east of Los Angeles, California. From there the precious water is bottled and exported for sale around the world. In fact, Nestle owns Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, a 383,000 square foot bottling plant located on the Morongo Band of Mission Indian reservation. This plant also packages purified water for their Nestle Pure Life brand.

By leveraging an Indian reservation, Nestle is able to skirt any state laws concerning water conservation. As locals experience water shortages and as entire water districts ration supplies, the Nestle Corporation is coming under heavy scrutiny as they profit worldwide from California springs. The reservation they leverage is located in a Mojave Desert oasis at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains. After Nestle profits from the water first, there's hardly enough water left to seep downhill to aquifers. Towns are forced to struggle for water as Nestle controls the source.