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Official: U.S. considering new steps against Russia

The United States is considering to take further actions against Russia after the latter's invasion of Georgia, Under Secretary of State William Burns said here Wednesday.

"We continue to review other options," Burns told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "It is important to reinforce for Russia the consequences of its actions in Georgia as a means of ensuring compliance with its commitments to President (Nicolas) Sarkozy."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Memo to Undersecretary Burns: you appear to have rather conveniently left out one of the most important aspects of Russia's actions: the fact that Georgia invaded South Ossetia to re-assert control of the primarily ethnically Russian and Russian-speaking area.

And sir, with the American economy well and truly flushed, as the events on wall street and around the world have demonstrated this last week (coupled with an estimated 410 billion dollar Federal deficit), and desperate, out of work Americans in bread-lines around the country, where is the money going to come from to do anything regarding Russia?

We'd darned well better take care of our US citizens FIRST, and clean up our own mess first, before we start thinking about retaliation against anyone.