Mullen Promise on Pakistan Sovereignty Undermined by US Attack Only Hours Later | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Mullen Promise on Pakistan Sovereignty Undermined by US Attack Only Hours Later

While negative reactions from Pakistan’s government and military are nothing new the latest attack, coming as it did just hours after Admiral Mullen promised that the US would respect Pakistan’s sovereignty, has further undermined American credibility in the nation. Pakistani Defense Minister Ahmad Mukthar said Admiral Mullen had appeared “very understanding” during their meeting, and that the latest air strikes “have come as a surprise”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It almost appears that Mullen got set up as the patsy to murmur "assurances" to the Pakistani government about respecting Pakistani sovereign territory, which was promptly destroyed by an incoming US attack.

The question is, if Mullen was set up, who set him up, and why?

Was the actual purpose to demonstrate, with this attack, that absolutely nothing the US ever says can be trusted?

Or has US foreign policy become so fractured and fragmented to the point where various factions are fighting for control to the degree that no one knows -literally - what the other is doing, or intends to do?

It is obvious that Pakistan is the next military flash-point for the US's (alleged) "war on terror", and that the US military has decided to strike anywhere inside Pakistan they want to with impunity.

This approach, particularly the aerial attacks, will work just as brilliantly as it has in Afghanistan: we'll kill scores of innocent non-combatants, and radicalize those left standing even further against the Pakistani government.