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It has started or Wise up Macedonians!

Google Translate: Campaign to promote protests and overthrow the government of Nikola Gruevski water media such as Radio Free Europe, Al Jazeera Balkans and Nova TV, funded by USAID, Netherlands, Open Society and many others from the famous group of donors in charge of "soft power" in preparing the overthrow of the regime unsuitable .


Some foreign analysts published a comprehensive analysis of the connections for EVA with American billionaire Džeordžom Soros and Macedonia Kurir wrote that the actions of the Macedonian opposition leader dictate exactly they wish to do Macedonia. "Gestures Zaeva largely dictated by Soros and his Open Society Institute, which has as its extended arm funded by Macedonian opposition and gives it loud and forceful support. Lately, the journalists paid by Soros set yourself for advisors Zaeva. The disturbing fact is that media people are employed by Soros were precisely those who have long been advocates of escalation and spread hate speech. So, it is obvious that AEV can not plan their next step and that he did not know what they will have to face detection, facts, evidence and confess, "on April 20, writes English edition of the Macedonian courier.


Madsen analysis Nuland tried Kiev 2 in Skopje extensively explained the role of Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, in the events in Macedonia and that the demolition project Gruevski decided among American neo-cons, who are over the CIA, NED, NDI, Soros Open Society and Freedom House completely mastered Macedonian social democrats SDSM. Madsen writes that "AEV and Sekerinska Macedonia insiders, nothing more than fronts of former Prime Minister and President Branko Crvenkovski, who decided to accept the great generosity of the aforementioned American foundations and government agencies, with the task of stimulating the thematic revolution against the VMRO-DPMNE government of Nikola Gruevski ". Macedonian police in raids conducted in Skopje and Veles seized five laptops, three desktop computers, 19 mobile phones, 100 compact discs, 17 hard-drives and nine digital books - material that reveals connections Nuland and its collaborators and conspirators against the Macedonian Government . Madsen writes that, according to the confiscated materials, all of them were connected with the Soros NGOs. In addition, all the bank accounts of a group of people close Zaevite were associated with pure cash deposits CIA.

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So, Macedonia is another nation targeted for a covert US overthrow and installation of a US puppet ruler.