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So What Did The Thug Brigade Expect?

So let me see if I get this right.

Cops have, for decades, embraced this "thin blue line" where they actively abuse certain suspects, harass, detain and arrest people without any sort of probable cause, fabricate evidence (such as having "drop guns" to plant on someone who doesn't have one or "convenient" narcotics when they can't find any that the suspect actually has), lie about how they collected evidence (which got a drug case thrown out down here in Florida not long ago), beat non-resisting suspects for grins and giggles, shoot people without legal justification and worst of all, cover up the acts of others in the department that they know damn well are unlawful.

Frank Serpico got disgusted with this crap in NY City and in 1971 his fellow officers refused to back him up on a drug bust because he was rooting out corruption; the result was that he was shot in the face by one of the dealers he was trying to arrest. Worse, after he was shot the cops refused to call in the fact that one of their own was down; it was a bystander who called for an ambulance!

In other words, this isn't new.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is new is that the majority of citizens now know about it!