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Pirated Music Crackdown...at the Airport?

Ah, airport security. It's all about keeping our skies safe from weapons, dangerous chemicals -- and now, possibly pirated music.

The Australian government is apparently looking at a plan to start searching iPods and other MP3 players at security checkpoints. The sole purpose? Seeking out illegally downloaded songs, according to a "leaked discussion paper" exposed by the media down under (including News Corp's Australian arm, News Digital Media). The Aussies may not be he only ones considering the idea, either: The proposal is said to be part of a broader
international treaty -- one believed to include the good ol' U.S. of A. -- so we could ultimately see the concept pop up here, there, or anywhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I started digging back into this following that priest who got nailed at the airport for child porn on his laptop, and I realized that the guy probably erased the files but a scan of the disk brought them up again.

Now free space erasers exist for computers and the iPhone (and I suggest getting them) but I have to wonder when it comes to music on the iPhone or iPod or any other mp3 player how the TSA goons know whether the tracks are pirated or not? One comment I saw repeatedly in searching this topic is that if TSA detect music files on your laptop which are NOT part of iTunes or other downloading service, they are assumed to be pirated tracks, but this presents a problem for my wife and I, because we carry copies of her music demos on our players/laptops.

I have already lost one laptop to these butter-fingered bozos. I do not need any more inconvenience from these idiots. What do I have to do to make sure that the demo music tracks we have created for ourselves are not erroneously flagged as pirated music?

Any experts out there able to clear this up?