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White House seeks to explain its hesitations on Afghanistan

President Obama will not decide whether to sanction a troop surge for Afghanistan until the issue of whether the country has a credible government has been settled, the White House Chief of Staff said today.

Rahm Emanuel said that the question of whether to send 40,000 extra troops was important but that the biggest issue was whether Afghanistan had a legitimate and credible government that could work with the US and other countries seeking to stabilise it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sometimes, when certain statements come out of Rahm Emanuel's mouth, you really don't know whether to laugh or cry.

"...a legitimate and credible government..." in Afghanistan, right?

The guy has got to be joking!

Does he think he's sending some sort of "signal" to Karzai?? Neither a run-off nor power-sharing deal with Abdullah Abdullah can possibly legitimize this government.

And what would be hysterical at this point would be for Karzai to order US and NATO troops out, to keep himself in power, and develop some kind of power-sharing deal with the Taliban.

The monster the US has created, in engineering this corrupt puppet government in Afghanistan, may just about be ready to to turn on its master.