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PBS - Were War Crimes Committed in Gaza?

From the comments: Gee Bill - could you make your pro-Israeli bias any more obvious? How bizarre! This is what happens when Christians take the Bible literally. Sorry; if Israel commits war crimes and crimes against humanity, it can't be excused by religious nuttiness. It's one standard for all nations and all armies. The Palestinians are human beings. A true Christian would know that! Have you noticed that Israel never takes responsibility for anything? The excuse always comes down to Israel being exempt from participation in world values.

When one says that Israël has the right to defend itself, I'm not sure how this applies in a case where they are occupying another nation's, the Palestinian's, territory.

Hey Reena, if Israel wants peace, why do they continue to destroy olive groves, plow under Palestinian homes, and allow pregnant women to die in child birth at check points? If Israel wants peace, then why do they continue to build settlements on Palestinian land? Take a look at the map, Reena. Palestine is shrinking while Israel continues to grow. Tell me again how this is Israel's way of trying to make peace?

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Let's play "Spot the paid Israeli shills!"