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The US-China Standoff in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region

The US sea services have released a new maritime strategy, a plan that describes how the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard will design, organize, and employ naval forces in support its global dominance. The new strategy titled, “A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower” highlighted “forward,” “engaged,” and “ready” as key words and kept the original theme of “ensuring our capability to intervene overseas.” It calls for increasing the Navy’s forward presence to 120 ships by 2020, up from about 97 ships today.

This includes forward-basing four ballistic-missile-defense destroyers in Spain and stationing another attack submarine in Guam by the end of 2015. The Navy is scheduled to increase presence in Middle East from 30 ships today to 40 by 2020. The strategy reinforces the continued need to strengthen partnerships and alliances by stressing the importance of operating in NATO maritime groups and participating in international training exercises. The US strategy emphasizes operating forward and making proxies across the globe, especially in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

Thus, the hard anti-Russian rhetoric of the Washington is a side of the global stand-off. At the very same time, the United States is preparing to go deeper in deal with China. The US strategists are concerned about the rise of Chinese naval forces and its expansion to the Pacific Ocean.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

China and Russia are doing deals to achieve what they want geopolitically; the US government is either at war, or preparing for more war, to achieve their geopolitical ends.

What is wrong with this picture?!? Bloody everything!!

And with the US government and corporate elites, it is never their kids who wind up dying, or maimed for life in these wars; it's always other people's children.

Please remember; there is a bill, which has been sitting in Committee for two years now, to revive the draft in this country. And this time, the draft will not only be coming for our young men: it will be coming for our young women as well.

This is The National Universal Service Act (H.R 747), introduced in 2013 by Charlie Rangel, Senior Representative from New York.

It would appear that Congress is waiting for the "right psychological/economic moment" to vote on it.