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Newspapers Cut To Black

Business executives and scientists, unlike theologians and psychologists, believe that every problem has a solution. Unfortunately, that is not true. The best minds in the media industry have been working on the newspaper puzzle for years. Not a single person has come up with a workable solution to the industry’s problems, probably because there isn’t one.

Newspapers can buy time by cutting circulation and people to save costs. An economic recovery may buy the industry even more time. It has been said far too often, but, with the new September 30 circulation figures in hand, it is worth saying again. For the newspaper industry a huge success on the Internet is all that is left. All the other options are gone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The newspapers did it to themselves. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the government as it lied us all into pointless and apparently unwinnable wars of conquest against nations that had not actually done anything to deserve being attacked.

This created the phenomenon of the blogs who analyzed the news in an honest and objective way absent from the corporate media and pointed out where the obvious lies were to be found.

If the newspapers had told the TRUTH and only the TRUTH, they would still be profitable and I would happily be doing visual effects for movies. But the corporate media bartered their honor and soul for a free ride on Air Force One, got caught, and now are paying the price.