Top Hillary Aide Used — and Lied About — Personal Email Too | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Top Hillary Aide Used — and Lied About — Personal Email Too

Details are emerging today via Gawker in regards to the email practices of Philippe Reines, who was a Senior Advisor to Secretary Hillary Clinton and later became Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

After Gawker reported in March this year that Reines has used a personal gmail account to correspond with journalists and reporters, Reines responded with a sprawling note of his own, denying any wrongdoing. One quote from that Reines’ email read, “If your lying liar pants on fire source worked with me at a federal agency as you and they contend, did you ask them to provide even a single email exchange with my using that account?”.

However, it appears today that Gawker has acquired dozens of emails from the Spring of 2010 between Reines and various journalists, where he does in fact forward State Department messages to his personal account in order to respond from there. Receipts verify that his State Department email address — [email protected] — forwarded messages to [email protected]. As Gawker notes, “In at least two instances, Reines seems to have used his Gmail account to deliberately move exchanges away from his inbox.”