How Long Before the Dominos Begin to Tumble? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

How Long Before the Dominos Begin to Tumble?

Who’s to blame? Well… there are several culprits; the deregulation junkies whose sole purpose is to allow corporations to rip off the public under the banner of free enterprise, the ‘greed is good’ crowd- all of the Ayn Rand, “me first, you later… maybe.” contingent- the black wash of materialism across the globe, the ‘gospel of wealth’, religious hypocrites who like to paint sugar water under the eyes of starving black children for their photo-op moments holding these kids on their laps (in their spanking new Banana Republic Safari outfits) in the hope of squeezing money out of the ordinary Nimrods who put their faith in these jerks and who contribute to hunger porn, the generally bone dead stupid- ‘go along to get along’ public and sundry reptiles and certainly the Zionist controlled media and certainly the Zionists themselves who are one of the worst gangs of organized psychopaths that we have ever seen.