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9 Ways Hillary Clinton Could Still Lose The Nomination

This week, Hillary Clinton sat through the most recent round of activity from the House Select Committee On #Benghazi, and after watching her persevere in the face of -- well... whatever that was? -- we wouldn’t be at all surprised if a desperate Martin O’Malley demanded equal time in front of Trey Gowdy’s Rowdies for the sake of his own poll numbers.

Still, it’s funny: The post-debate narrative devolved into a civil war about whether Clinton had won. Now, after her all-day ordeal, you see a lot of presumptive coronations floating in the social media transom. It’s just October, everyone. Winning the nomination is still a challenge. And there are still ways Clinton could lose this thing. Though maybe not many? On this week’s First To Last, we are acknowledging, and ranking, the pitfalls that remain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two things made painfully evident in Clinton's testimony last week; she lied to the American people about the actual cause of the incident at Benghazi, and broke the law.

Is THIS the moral calibre we want in the next President?!?

Haven't we had enough of this behaviour from the last, and current Presidents, who seem to have believed that lying to the American people and breaking the law is perfectly acceptable for an American President to do?!?

Are we not, please Lord, ready for a President who believes in speaking the truth to the people they lead, and NOT breaking the law?!?

One would hope so.