Entire charade of supposed 'racism' at MIZZOU revealed as elaborate HOAX perpetrated by the student body | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Entire charade of supposed 'racism' at MIZZOU revealed as elaborate HOAX perpetrated by the student body

Now we're finally getting down to the bottom of the delusional University of Missouri "racism" charade and the entire clusterfrack of events that followed it. It now appears that the entire thing was an elaborate HOAX dreamed up by the students themselves!

Evidence of the hoax nature of these events is now emerging from investigations performed across the independent media (while the mainstream media snoozes), including Breitbart.com and TheFederalist.com.

It turns out that the same gay, black student body president who incited mass hysteria across the MU campus by posting fabricated claims of KKK people terrorizing campus and calling in the National Guard is also the person who started the entire "racism" ruckus by claiming somebody yelled racial slurs at him from a vehicle.

That claim, like nearly all the other claims upon which the Mizzou student protests were bases, appears to have been wholly fabricated out of thin air with not a shred of verifiable evidence to back it up.

Even the so-called "poopswastika" (also called "poopstika") that was also claimed to be proof of institutionalized racism on campus turns out to be a complete fabrication.

The poopswastika never happened. Mizzou students and faculty have all been hoodwinked by a race-baiting false flag operation that fabricated these claims to achieve the goal of public attention and victimization role playing.

The problem with that plan, however, is that even those who carried it out could not have anticipated the global scrutiny that would be attracted to the story. And now their story is unraveling by the hour...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now we need to find who orchestrated the hoax and for what purpose. Rush Limbaugh suggests it is the Democrats trying to lock in the black vote for next year. My concern is a plan to trigger race riots in multiple cities leading to martial law. In any event, it is more of the "divide and conquer" tactics the US Government uses to keep us angry with each other rather than united against the crimes of Washington DC.