CLIMATEGATE - Alumni Letters Coming to Penn State Calling for Ouster of Michael Mann | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

CLIMATEGATE - Alumni Letters Coming to Penn State Calling for Ouster of Michael Mann

I have read most of the emails and have found a good number of them to be very disturbing due to the participation of Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center. Based on the content of the emails, Dr. Mann, whose scientific methodologies have already been discredited with respect to his “hockey stick” temperature graph, seems to have been involved in an ongoing pattern of data manipulation, intimidation of scientific journal editors, constraint of the peer review process, and attempted avoidance of compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. As a Penn State meteorologist who has been active in the public discussion of climate change for more than ten years, I can attest to the fact that Dr. Mann’s reputation, and by extension that of Penn State, has been significantly sullied in recent years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Ouster" my ASCII!

CLIMATEGATE is not a mere scandal; it is a crime against humanity. The purpose of this fraud was to truck all of mankind into acceptance of a global government and a global tax; a tax levied not for the benefit of the taxed but for the oligarchs running the global government.

CLIMATEGATE's purpose was enslavement of all humanity to the New World Order.

CLIMATEGATE's purpose was confiscation of our wealth under false pretenses.

CLIMATEGATE's purpose was global; an offence against every freedom-loging human being in existence.

"Ouster" does not even come close to an appropriate punishment for these super-criminals.

They should be put up against a wall and shot.


Where it hurts real bad!!!